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Global Adoptee Talk

Welcome to Global Adoptee Talk, a podcast about the experiences of international and transracial adoptees. Adoptees share their stories, and we explore issues related to loss, identity, and blood ties.


Global Adoptee Talk is a podcast featuring the diverse voices of international and transracial adoptees. In this Podcast, our hope is to honour adoptee stories, empower and connect. We'll bring a critical perspective to the international adoptee experience through unscripted, authentic and insightful conversation. Although each adoptee story is unique, these narratives reflect common themes around loss, identity and blood ties. Global Adoptee Talk is a space where we hope you will find support, validation, and healing through the stories and conversations shared by other adoptees. 


Mj Huang is an adoptee from Taipei, Taiwan, an author, social worker, and board-certified music therapist. Her first book, Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee's Memoir & Search for Identity, about her struggles with identity and loss and reunion with her family of origin was published in March 2017. Copies of her book are available at, B&, and, or at When she's not working or podcasting, Mj enjoys music, yoga, and frequenting her favourite coffee shops along the California coast.