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Global Adoptee Talk

Welcome to Global Adoptee Talk, a podcast about the experiences of international and transracial adoptees. Adoptees share their stories, and we explore issues related to loss, identity, and blood ties.

Dec 1, 2017

Caleb Yee is a 24-year old Korean adoptee and artist who was born in the city of Guri, Kyonggi-do Province, in S. Korea. He grew up in Oxnard, California, with his adoptive family. Caleb was diagnosed with hearing loss at an early age and talks about how hearing delay and being adopted impacted his identity. He took a strong interest in drawing and began using art as a way to start conversations with others. At the age of fifteen, he made a trip back to his homeland. This life event inspired Caleb's artwork, which took on new meaning, one that continues to bring greater insight and understanding to the adoption experience.




Be sure to check out Caleb's artwork at Vivid Imagination Artworks! To connect with him and view his art gallery, visit his Facebook page and his Instagram. Contact Caleb directly at  

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Artist: Jahzaar, Song Title: Schmaltz, Album: Come

Artist: Rambler 1976, Song Title: Under a Sky Which Was Never As Black, Album: Rambler 1976

Artist: Podington Bear, Song Title: Smooth Actor, Album: Soul

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