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Global Adoptee Talk

Welcome to Global Adoptee Talk, a podcast about the experiences of international and transracial adoptees. Adoptees share their stories, and we explore issues related to loss, identity and blood ties.

Dec 29, 2017

Kee Heywood is a 27-year old Korean adoptee from Seoul. He is a narrative and documentary film editor and credits his small town arctic upbringing in rural Southeast Alaska for an early interest in the arts. His work has been picked up by National Geographic, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Wired, and Vimeo Staff Picks. Kee talks about searching for his birth mother in Korea. He shares about the intense emotional ups and downs he has experienced from complete euphoria, to disappointment and sadness after his first mother abruptly cut off all contact. 



Visit Kee's Vlog series on YouTube to learn more about his adoption story and travels back to S. Korea! Connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.



Artist: Jahzaar, Song Title: Schmaltz, Album: Come courtesy of Free Music Archives, 

Photo courtesy of Kee Heywood