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Global Adoptee Talk

Welcome to Global Adoptee Talk, a podcast about the experiences of international and transracial adoptees. Adoptees share their stories, and we explore issues related to loss, identity, and blood ties.

Happy Trails

Apr 23, 2018

Hello folks,


I regret to inform you that Global Adoptee Talk will be closing...Unfortunately, all of the editing and interviewing that goes into making the show is more than I can handle at this time considering my full-time work schedule and attempting to take care of myself and those around me. If you listened to the show, I sincerely appreciate your listenership. If you participated in the show, many thanks for your support and willingness to share your story. Episodes will still be available via iTunes; however, this website will no longer be viewable after the first of May. If you'd like to connect, I'm on Instagram at @nolia88, Twitter at @mj_huang29, and Facebook at